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By 9:00am I had already failed up my day so much that today is going down as a less than great day. That takes some serious dedication to failing.

But things are okay. I managed to get my hands on a ticket to the TAI show on Sunday. Of course, it cost $40 instead of the original $10, and now I'm going alone, but whatever. At least I'm going.

I made the mistake of going and looking at the SPN wank, and it made me a little sick to my stomach to see how some people were talking about Danneel. My God, seriously? At least attempt to hide your all-consuming hatred of women, teenies. Jesus.

Joe Trohman is my new favorite. Yeah, I said it.
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I'm kind of ridiculously upset right now. My cousin was supposed to get our tickets for TAI and Empires, but she kept forgetting, and now they're apparently sold out.

I realize it's stupid to be this upset about it, but it's not like I have a chance to see bands I love live very often, so this was kind of a big deal for me. I've been looking forward to it for weeks, and now I'm so disappointed. Even the fucking Akron show is sold out, because I would have been willing to road trip it if I had to. I hate this. I'm so depressed. I'll get over it, but right now it really sucks.
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  • Well, I got my hair fixed. My cousin did a much better job. So, yeah. That whole thing was a debacle. I'm thinking I'll just have my cousin do it from now on. She's actually much better than I thought she'd be, which serves me right, I suppose. It's weird having this little hair, though. I went from waist-length to chin-length, and it's taking some getting used to. It's taking so much less time to take care of, though, and I love that.

  • I've been in the process of catching up with Gossip Girl, but now all of the sudden I'm seeing all these entries on my flist saying how it's gone crazy or something and I'm worried. It's not being ruined, is it? Because I've already been through that crap with shows I love, and I'd rather just stop watching now than have to watch it go downhill. (I don't think I'll ever get over the third season of Veronica Mars. It scarred me.
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  • I was bored yesterday and made an organized list of all my albums, and I've come to the conclusion that my music collection is woefully inadequate. It was depressing. I decided that I'm going to try new music every day from now on. I've been doing okay with the Rolling Stone project, but I think I'm going to try and alternate days. Like, one day I'll do a Rolling Stone album, and the next day just one that I found that looks interesting. We'll see how it works out. If you know of any music you think I'd like, feel free to suggest suggestions.

  • That's all I've got.
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    So, today I got my hair cut! There's good and there's bad in this story.

    I thought my appointment was at 1:00, but it was actually at noon. So I got there at 1:00, and the receptionist was really nice, (and I was so embarrassed) but my usual girl was booked solid and couldn't get me in until Wednesday, which I couldn't do. The next available time was next week, which is after I get my hair colored with my cousin, which wouldn't work because of the story I told her about getting my hair cut, blah, blah, blah.

    ANYWAY, another girl fit me in. This girl, (and I say girl for a reason) looked like she was in her twenties, and I thought, "Well, okay, I'll suck it up and give it a try." Throughout the cut I realized that, in fact, she was much younger than she appeared. Nineteen, in fact, and FRESH OUT OF COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL.

    She didn't do a terrible job or anything, except that the sides are noticeably uneven, which of course I didn't notice while I was there, but now can't stop looking at.

    And now I'm going to have to have my cousin (who I didn't want to cut my hair because she hasn't been out of school long) fix it.

    IRONICALLY, my cousin has been out longer than the girl who cut my hair today.

    The moral of the story? Don't lie. It'll only end up biting you in the ass.
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    I woke up at 3:00am and was not able to get back to sleep. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    My aunt's dog Dolly has something wrong with her leg. She went to the vet yesterday, and my cousin Nikki texted me saying that she had to have her leg amputated. So immediately I started freaking out and crying, because Dolly is my favorite dog in the entire world (other than my own, of course) and I love her, and I was just SO UPSET, and even when I said "are you serious?" to Nikki, SHE STILL ACTED LIKE IT WAS TRUE, ONLY TO THEN COME BACK AND BE ALL, "JUST KIDDING! WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!" She's an awful person. To her credit, when I told her I was crying, she felt really bad, BUT STILL.

    I fell asleep before BSG last night, so I missed it, but my mom taped it for me, so I'll watch it today. Is the finale on tonight or did I just dream that? I realize I'm a terrible fangirl for not knowing for sure. It seems weird that it's on tonight and not next Friday. Is it a longer episode or something? Because that would be okay. I should probably just google it, but I'm too lazy for that.

    I decided to reread the Ms. Scribe story, because I'm rereading Harry Potter, and it just seemed fitting. It's amazing how I always manage to forget how batshit crazy she was. I'm almost envious of those who were around to witness it firsthand, if only because so much of the evidence of her crazy is gone now. Almost, but not quite, because that's too much wank in a fandom, even for me.

    I think I'm going to go back to bed and see if I can get a bit more sleep, otherwise today will be awful. Happy Saturday, everyone!
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  • Last night I was craving comfort food, so I made this casserole my grandma always used to make where she'd making stuffing and put it in a casserole dish, put unbreaded chicken tenders on top, then cover it with cream of chicken soup and bread crumbs, and it was delicious technology 100%! Also super easy, which I appreciate, since while making this I managed to forget to oil the casserole dish so it wouldn't stick, and also to preheat the oven. I have faith that one day I'll be less of a cooking disaster, but today is not that day.

  • I am fairly confident that my Big Bang is total badfic. Here's a question, actually. Is issue fic ever not badfic? And would attempted suicide qualify as issue fic? Because I think I'm fucked on two levels there.

  • I went to bed last night will all the windows in the house open, because my house stores heat like an oven and it was ridiculously stuffy in the house, and then woke up at 3:00am to pouring rain and it was FREEZING and had to walk through the house closing it up. Not on, weather.

  • Yogurt + fresh strawberries + granola = A++ food combination!

  • I like even numbers, and even though five isn't an even number, it feels like it should be.
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    My crazy cousin just called The Hold Steady "Old man folk rock."

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    I got up at 8 this morning, fell back asleep at 12:30, and just woke up fifteen minutes ago and got into an argument with my mom. I realize that part of the fight was my fault (okay, most of it) because I woke up grumpy, but SHE IS SO ANNOYING sometimes. I have gotten nothing accomplished today, either. Blah.

    Okay, last night I went out to dinner at this awesome Thai place where I wore a tiara that my cousin Meredith got me, because I'm a princess, and I drank mango belinis (idk if that's spelled right, but whatever) and got presents (my favorite of which is pictured here) and then got semi-drunk at two different bars afterwords.

    There was a woman at the first bar who was also celebrating her thirtieth, and was wearing a tiara (but way tackier than mine, I'm a tiara snob, apparently) and she was SO DRUNK. The band invited us up to the stage to do tequila shots with them since it was our birthday and she made a complete ass of herself. I declined the invitation, because I hate Tequila, and thank God, because I had no desire to be in the middle of that train wreck.

    Anyway, the band kind of sucked at the first bar, and they were too loud so we went down the street to a different one, and the band there was awesome. Like, they were hilariously dorky, and instead of a drum kit they had bongos, and the best part? It was four white dudes and they covered "Rappers Delight." RAPPERS DELIGHT. It was awesome. And they did a damn good job with it, too.

    And then we went home and I was in bed asleep by 1:00am. It was an excellent evening.
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    You know that feeling when you get home after being stuck doing something you really didn't want to do, and you sit down and you're home and it's just amazing? I have that feeling now.

    Crazy family is crazy.

    LJ has done that thing again where it's switched one of my icons. My Sophia Bush icon is now an icon of a creepy scene girl or something, idk. Freaking LJ.

    My cousin bought the tickets to Fall Out Boy yesterday, so I'm really excited. I cannot WAIT to see Cobra Starship. Even the threat of Trace Cyrus isn't enough to diminish my excitement.

    This morning in the shower I planned out a Jesse Lacey/Conor Oberst fic. It was all about how they'd be trying to out-angst each other and their man pain. It would be epic, even though it makes no sense and I don't know that they've ever even met. But oh, God, the angst would be glorious.

    The last Indiana Jones movie is kind of terrible. Why is Cate Blanchett in this? (But. Shia!)
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    Oh, God, I slept terribly last night and am now officially exhausted.

    Anyway, a few things-

    Happy Birthday to both [ profile] rejeneration and [ profile] regala_electra. You're both absolute dolls and I love you a lot. I hope you're having wonderful days. ♥

    Thank you to whoever said such lovely things about me at the Valentine's Day thingy. I AM ALMOST POSITIVE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, but either way, it doesn't matter, because it's just nice to know someone thinks so highly of me. ♥

    Okay, I'm off to have lunch (brunch?) with my family. Have a good day, everyone!
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