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Let's have a conversation, LiveJournal.

Tell me one quality you really like about yourself.

Personally, I like the fact that I'm a fairly forgiving person. I don't tend to hold grudges, and I can forgive people pretty easily. Sometimes it backfires on me, but I don't regret being that way, because I think I'm the better person for it. We're all going to get hurt in life, and I'd rather be the kind of person who can let that go rather than hold it in.

It's your turn! What do you like about yourself?
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This is kind of a fly-by post, because I'm so tired (for no reason, I didn't do anything today) but I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I tried to comment on everyone's entries, but if I missed anyone, my apologies. I appreciated every one of them. ♥

Thank you to [ profile] wendy, [ profile] rejeneration, [ profile] bobbinrob, and [ profile] meagan868 for the virtual gifts. My profile looks so pretty right now!

And thank you to [ profile] marshmallow for the beautiful icons! (I'm using one right now, isn't it awesome?) I love them so much.

Thank you to [ profile] jelloh0530 and [ profile] rivers_bend, both for making me cry in the very best ways.

Thank you to all of you, seriously. You make me smile.

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~I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada, since someone on my flist (I think [ profile] carrielh) recced it, and it's pretty good. (DO NOT SPOIL ME, I DON'T KNOW WHO WON.) I like Blake. I didn't see the first U.S. season, so I didn't seem him compete, but I love him as a judge.

~William Beckett is the most adorable thing ever. I love him a lot, guys.

~Okay, so Dollhouse. I didn't watch it, (I forgot it was on) but I heard from a friend that it was terrible. What's the general consensus? Should I give it a try or pass on it entirely? Tell me what to do, flist. I can't make decisions on my own.

~I like all of you a lot. ♥
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I'm currently sitting on my bed at an awkward angle, because my cat is sleeping right where I need to be. Now, the obvious solution would be to either move her, or myself. But if I move her over, she'll just get up and leave, and if I move, then I won't get to see her and how adorable all of this is. This wouldn't be such a big deal if she'd sleep on my bed (with me on it) more than once a year, but she's stuck up and hates me. But she's so pretty!

The thing at [ profile] fab_feb_friends today is that we're supposed to sent PMs to five people on your flist who mean something to you, so I may be doing that. It's just the narrowing down of people that's going to trip me up. I love all of you a lot.

No, seriously, I want to cuddle my cat really bad right now, omg. She's just the cutest thing ever and her little paw is sticking straight out and I want to kiss all over it. Boy, I wish she loved me the way I love her. Stupid hateful cat.
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posted by [personal profile] erin2326 at 09:41pm on 27/01/2009 under , , ,
♥ I am all about love right now. I really do enjoy love memes. For all my bitchiness, I really like having the chance to tell all of you how much I love you.

♥ Okay, so I decided to give Leverage a chance, since my flist has exploded with love for it, and I have one question. HOW HAVE I LIVED SO LONG WITHOUT THIS SHOW IN MY LIFE? It's so good! And Voodoo is on it! But he's not a bad guy! It's so awesome! Seriously, I'm in love.

♥ We're supposed to get a lot of snow tonight, but it hasn't really started yet. It's been sleeting for a bit, but the roads don't look too bad. I'm actually kind of hoping we get a good amount, because I love snow. I really love the way it looks when you first wake up, and no one has walked over it yet, so it's this perfect world of white. Of course, if I have to drive in it it's another story, but even then I don't mind it too much.

♥ My birthday is in a month. I'm going to try and make the last month of my twenties as awesome as possible, because I feel like I wasted the rest of the year. I don't know how I'm going to do this, but it's my new goal.

♥ All of you are my favorites tonight. ♥
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Does anyone have larger (and decent quality) copies of these two pictures?

It's for a good cause, I swear! Thanks in advance.
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Oh, my goodness. In the past few months I've managed to acquire SO MANY new friends. And uh, I'm having a little trouble keeping people straight. Heh. So, a poll to help prevent that! People I've known for over six months, feel free to skip it. Otherwise, I'm begging, help a girl put a name to a fandom. :)

[Poll #1237654]
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I want to feel happy tonight. Comment here with anything, and I'll tell you what it is I love about you.

P.S. My new default icon is making me unreasonably happy.
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Okay, seriously, if one of the ridiculously awesome icon makers on my flist could make me an icon of this picture, I'll love you forever. (Yeah, I'll probably do that anyway, but go with me on this.)

Seriously. You can have my firstborn child. No lie, I don't want kids. You can have it.
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Does anyone know where I can find unwatermarked versions of these pictures?
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