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Now that I'm Old for Trees, It's Past My Bedtime.

So, I've been watching The Tudors. I've made it through 2.09 so far.

So, strangely, I'm more upset about the upcoming Anne Boleyn execution than I thought I would be. I mean, it's not like I didn't know it was coming. And I haven't particularly cared for her character, but I'm actually really sad about it. At some point I started feeling sorry for her. She's gone a little nuts, and she's being accused of really awful things that she didn't do, and it's just sad.

I don't think I'll be as sad as when Sir Thomas More was executed, but I think it'll be difficult to watch.

I got my mom to start watching with me, and when we started it I'd already watched the first season, and I told her to just assume that everyone would die, so she wouldn't get too attached to anyone. Because EVERYONE dies eventually. Except Charles Brandon, thank God, because he's my very favorite. I mean, my God. Henry Cavill, call me.

Anyway, I like it, but it's a bit depressing. Every actual nice person appears to die at some point. I wish I could remember history better. All I could remember was that Anne and Wosley died. I've had to Wiki everything else. Damn my shoddy education. Or my predilection for talking in class. It's probably the latter.

I know I owe comments, I promise I'll get to them. ♥

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ha ha ha i lol'd at your cut text.

my aunt's boyfriend's nephew is on that show but i have not watched the it despite actually having the channel for it (a monumental occasion on my cable-less television!) how is jonathan rhys-meyers? i haven't been able to watch him in anything ever since he made those sexist comments about how actresses should always be willing to take their clothes of :/

if it makes you feel any better about not being able to remember history, i took three kinds of history in high school - canadian, american, and modern western - and have not retained A SINGLE FACT, i swear to god D: D: D:

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oh, also, do you mind giving me an extension for the latest mixing music round? i'll have it in by monday, but this week i'm all busy with big bang ;__;

thanks bb ♥

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That's no problem, thanks for letting me know!

I'm also busy with big bang and kind of want to kill myself for signing up, so yeah. I get it.